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Virginia’s Dislocated Worker Unit’s Regional Rapid Response Teams work with your employer to provide transition services at your work site and before the last day of work. We customize the services based on your needs and the needs of your company. Our goal is to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Rapid Response is initiated when the Dislocated Worker Unit or Rapid Response team learns of impending layoffs. Many companies will contact the Dislocated Worker Unit to notify them of a layoff and invite them to come on site to provide assistance. In some cases, employers are required to provide 60 days notice before a layoff. If you know your company is planning layoffs and you have not been told that rapid response services will be available to you, or your company laid you off without notice, please contact

To develop a transition services package in conjunction with your employer, the Rapid Response team will gather information about your needs by asking you to complete a survey called the Workforce Development Services Need Questionnaire. This will help them begin to organize the services necessary to help you return to work.

At employee orientation meetings, you will be informed about services and benefits designed to help you get back to work, including:

Local services in your community include use of computers, telephones, fax machines and group workshops to assist with your job search.

Additional Support

Listed below are the closing and layoff notices reported to the Virginia Workforce Network’s Rapid Response program at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

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What is Rapid Response?

Rapid Response is a Virginia resource operating under funding provided by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, that helps businesses with employee hiring, staff restructuring and training. Rapid Response is most noticeably front and center to Virginia’s workers when their place of employment is downsizing and a significant number of workers lose their jobs.

What we offer.

When a Virginia business finds that layoffs are unavoidable, it often turns to Rapid Response for assistance in helping employees who will soon find themselves unemployed. Our goal at Rapid Response is to help laid-off workers get back to work as quickly as possible. To that end, we offer things like:

  • An employee briefing of services available from the Virginia Workforce Network
  • Job search information to help workers find their next position
  • Access to a One-Stop Career Center, a place in your local area where you can go to receive help with your job hunt.Services include everything from computer and Internet access to resume assistance and interview preparation.
  • Information about what to expect regarding collecting unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Information on the current labor market

Our Process

The Rapid Response Team, which includes representatives from the Virginia Employment Commission and Local Workforce Center, works with each business to determine the services that their workers may need. At an employee briefing, we will ask you to complete a survey to help determine which of our services will be most useful to you. You will learn more about workforce services and have a chance to ask questions of the Rapid Response team. Our goal is to provide you the information and resources you need to get back on your feet as quickly as possible following a layoff.

Questions about Dislocated Worker Services?

If you have questions about dislocated worker services in your region, refer to this chart for the Rapid Response Coordinator in your region of the state.

Questions about the WARN Act?

If you have questions about WARNs filed in Virginia, refer to Virginia’s WARN Log, or contact Brett Tavel, Rapid Response State Coordinator, at